Arizona Powers of Attorney Help When Planning for Incapacity

Mesa attorney advises on legal safeguards for older adults

Ideally, you’d like to have a long, healthy retirement and pass on your remaining wealth to your heirs when you pass away. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to write the script for their golden years. Many seniors face health challenges that leave them vulnerable and exhaust their savings. For comprehensive protection, your estate plan must include provisions for your possible declining health and incapacity. The Law Firm of Joseph M. Udall, PLC provides personal and confidential legal services for seniors who desire this additional security. For more than 20 years, we have performed incisive analyses of our clients’ circumstances to create practical, individualized plans that deliver cost-effective results.

Understanding your options when planning for incapacity in Arizona

Our Mesa law firm produces clear and legally binding instruments that safeguard our clients’ welfare, giving them and their loved ones peace of mind:

  • Durable power of attorney — This is a legal instrument that names a trusted person to take charge of decisions for your health and welfare if you become incapacitated. You may convey all decision-making power, or allocate power in certain areas, such as:
    • Durable financial power of attorney — Enables you to appoint someone to make financial decisions. This person becomes your fiduciary and is charged with using your funds in your best interest. This can save otherwise functioning seniors from concerns that bills will go unpaid or that con artists who prey on the elderly can take advantage of them.
    • Durable healthcare power of attorney — Allows you to appoint someone to make medical decisions. This person must decide on everything from routine medical treatments to emergency interventions.
    • Durable mental healthcare power of attorney — Allows you to appoint someone to make mental healthcare decisions
  • Living will — This advance directive specifies your wishes with respect to life-saving interventions.
  • Long-term care planning — This is a combination of trust instruments and insurance that helps you receive nursing home care and take advantage of government assistance without completely depleting your estate.

We should note that these documents for at-risk seniors are self-executing. If you are concerned about an older loved one, you should talk to an estate planning attorney who handles guardianships and conservatorships.

Contact a reliable Mesa, AZ attorney for comprehensive incapacity planning

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