Estate Planning Lawyers Offer Practical Advice in Mesa

Incisive analysis produces cost-effective ways to preserve and pass on wealth

In Mesa, the Law Firm of Joseph M. Udall, PLC provides estate planning services uniquely tailored to our clients’ specific needs. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped Arizona residents protect their assets for a secure retirement, then pass on a legacy to their heirs. If you have questions regarding the best way to structure your assets for your enjoyment and eventual succession, our firm is ready with no-nonsense answers. The Law Firm of Joseph M. Udall, PLC delivers with:

  • Incisive analysis — We thoroughly examine your finances, family structure, record of charitable giving, work history and health history to develop a full understanding of your needs, concerns and areas of challenge.
  • Practical advice — We make candid recommendations based on more than 20 years of success helping Arizona residents plan effectively.
  • Cost-effective results — We offer competitive flat fees for many of our estate planning services, so there’s no reason to put off necessary preparations.

One Mesa law firm for all your Arizona estate planning needs

Our firm offers reliable advice and capable implementation for various estate planning strategies:

  • Wills — A clear, valid will allows you to transfer your assets after death according to your wishes. Your will also saves your heirs the time and expense of probate, so they can receive your bequests sooner.
  • Trusts — By creating a legal entity to hold your assets, you can enjoy your property during your lifetime, then transfer the wealth as you intend. Trusts avoid probate and often allow you to avoid taxation that would occur if the property were conveyed through a will.
  • Probate — The process by which the court settles a deceased person’s estate can be expensive and time-consuming. We help testators minimize or avoid probate through sound, practical estate planning. We also help beneficiaries of an estate pass through the process with minimal losses of time and money.
  • Powers of attorney — Many of our clients plan for the possibility of incapacity by allocating authority for their health and welfare through powers of attorney, so someone they trust will be in charge of making vital decisions.
  • Guardianship and conservatorship — It is often necessary for responsible next-of-kin to seek legal authority over a minor or an incapacitated adult through the family court.

The wide variety of options open to you can lead to a patchwork of legal instruments with gaps in your protection. For comprehensive and seamless protection, choose an experienced attorney willing to give personal attention to planning your estate.

Contact a capable estate planning attorney in Mesa, AZ for reliable, practical advice

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