Skilled Mesa Attorney Assists with Buying or Selling a Business

Due diligence enhances your prospects of success in Arizona

No matter what side of a business purchase you’re on, you’re looking for one thing: value. Value depends on many factors, which require accurate assessments based on hard facts, not just theory. For more than 20 years, the Law Firm of Joseph M. Udall, PLC has provided sound advice for buyers and sellers of Arizona businesses. Clients who choose our services receive several benefits:

  • Incisive analysis — Our skillful legal triage allows us to diagnose the health of an ongoing business and identify obstacles, challenges and opportunities. When we complete our due diligence, you have a clear idea of the real-world value of your enterprise.
  • Practical advice — You have dreams for life after the transaction is complete. We draw upon two decades of experience advising ongoing businesses to help you set realistic goals. We assist you with structuring your transaction in a way that allows you to move forward step by step toward the future you envision.
  • Cost-effective results — We understand that you want value for your sale or purchase, and we’re determined to deliver value with our services. Besides making every effort to uncover pitfalls that could cause a loss on your transaction, we offer competitive rates and firm estimates so you can plan effectively.

Mesa business attorney evaluates every aspect of your proposed transaction

For buyers, let’s start by asking, “What’s the plan?” We encounter many first-time business owners — and even established businesses looking to expand — who haven’t thought beyond the initial stages. But even if you’ve paid for detailed market research, you may be unaware of legal impediments to your success, such as permitting and land use issues, encumbrances on the business, and the availability of lines of credit. A business lawyer can evaluate potential partners to ensure that your goals and resources are a good fit. We even draft private placement offering documents to help attract investors. Our thorough analysis of your business plan and the enterprise in question gives you the complete picture of whether all the elements, considered together, make this the right deal for you.

For sellers, we make every effort to ensure that your business is properly valued and that the transaction is structured in a way that helps you achieve your goals for your next venture.

Help for self-motivated entrepreneurs engaged in franchise purchases

The purchase of a franchise business is an attractive way for some folks to go into business for themselves. Having a knowledgeable contract attorney evaluate your franchise agreements ensures that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities as a franchisee.

Contact an experienced lawyer in Mesa, AZ regarding the purchase or sale of a business

The Law Firm of Joseph M. Udall, PLC draws on more than 20 years of experience to assist Arizonans engaged in buying or selling businesses. Call 480-500-1866 or contact our Mesa office online. We provide free, first-time telephone consultations, and for your convenience, we can schedule Saturday and evening appointments. We speak Spanish fluently.